Kingsbury Breaks Water on Mad River Withdrawal Improvements

Kingsbury Companies “Broke Water” on a project in Warren, Vermont earlier this summer installing an inflatable dam on the Mad River. The new dam replaces an existing dam owned and operated by Sugarbush Mountain Resort Inc., supporting seasonal snowmaking operations at Lincoln Peak, that has reached its design life and has been damaged by large storms in the past. The new dam includes modern automated controls assuring water flows support the aquatic life in the Mad River both up and downstream of the location; as well as automatically lowering during periods of high flow to allow for natural stream flows. Kingsbury Companies expects to complete this project by the winter season.

Public Relations and Communications Manager for Sugarbush John Bleh commented, “Sugarbush anticipates that the new dam will help provide a much more reliable process for withdrawing water, maintaining the snowmaking pond during the snowmaking season and protecting the river year-round.”